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5 Tips to a Killer Dating Profile

Online dating is no longer unusual. As more and more people turn to the digital world to either meet someone special, or casual date, they are looking for ways for their profile to stand out from the rest. Follow these 5 tips to create a killer dating profile and land your ideal date.

1. Create the best first impression. Your profile picture is the first thing that someone will see when they stumble across you. Your profile picture should convey your personality and the epitome of who you are. When choosing a photo, it’s best that you have two main photos. The first being a close-up of you, and the second should be a full-body photo. Good lighting and high angles are also crucial.

2. Avoid posting group photos. You should be the center of attention. When someone is looking at your profile, they want to see you, and don’t care about your friends. It can be difficult to figure out which one is you, in a group photo.
3. Don’t write too much about yourself. The basics is all you need when writing about yourself. You want to leave some topics for conversation when someone chooses to get to know you better. Your dating profile should be a snapshot of who you are, leaving your potential suitor the chance to be interested in learning more.

4. Get a Second Opinion on Your Profile. Your friends will be honest with you if they think you need to change a photo or delete too much information you have written about yourself. Friends will be brutally honest with you, especially when you are preparing an impression to a potential partner. Friends also see the good qualities you have, that you may not see yourself. They will help your profile stand out from the others.

5. Have fun. Whatever your intention is when joining online dating apps, remember to remain optimistic and have fun. People tend to be turned off by someone who appears cynical. Explore different sites and enjoy your experience.