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How to Prepare for Your Headshot Photo Session

You’ve made the decision to get a headshot done for your professional profile, website, or corporate employee page. You’ve booked your photographer after diligently researching for the best. Your consultation is complete, and your session is booked.

Now, the question that pops into your head is, “How do I prepare for my headshot photo session?” You draw a blank when thinking about the details that would make the photo session a success. You want the finish product to capture your professionalism and personality. Your photographer understands that he must do to prepare, but what are the steps you need to take?

The first step you should have already taken is talking to your photographer about your expectations for the shoot and the overall look you would like to achieve with the finished headshot. When you give your photographer exactly what you are looking for, the direction of the session becomes effortless.

The night before, be sure to gather your outfits for the session. Be sure to choose professional items that still express your personality, and something that will still be comfortable. You can never go wrong with a classic dark suit to capture the traditional business look. If you are interested in conveying a more business casual look, opt for a colored dress or blouse. As for accessories, the simpler, the better. Pick an outfit you are confident in!

As you are preparing the night before your session, it is important to stay hydrated and get plenty of rest. This will help to avoid dark circles and give your face a bright look.

For the day of the shoot, prepare a supply kit. This kit may include previous headshots you had done to give your photographer another idea of what you want to convey. You may also pack grooming tools and, or make-up in your kit.

Speaking of make-up, ideally, your make-up and hair should be natural. Avoid shine with a translucent powder, and again, allow your confidence to shine through.

Your headshot photo session will be as successful as you are, if you follow these simple steps to prepare.